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Solar Power

Your  solar construction process is a huge investment, and we recognize that.  You want it done right the first time, and you want it on a budget. You can trust us to correctly structure your roof and your investment and deliver you to success. 

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Prism Solar

Mark Luke Companies uses the latest in solar power technology through Prism Solar. Prism Solar has been a technology innovator in the solar and holographic fields since 2005. Prism produces innovative and unique bifacial solar modules and holograms that make efficient use of all  available light and provide an aesthetically pleasing solution for solar applications. 

Prism Solar modules are manufactured in the USA and are American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) compliant. 

Prism Solar Applications

Prism Solar Applications

Prism Solar Applications

  • Cool roof
  • Water tight installation
  • Carport, canopies, skylights
  • High wind and snow locations
  • Off-grid installation

Benefits of Prism Solar

Prism Solar Applications

Prism Solar Applications

  • Lowest levelized cost of energy
  • High module efficiency
  • Bifacial technology
  • Seamless integration
  • Replace your roof with a PAYBACK not an expense

Solar Construction Sioux Falls


SunTegra Solar Roof Systems integrate directly into the roof instead of being mounted on a bulky rack system over the roof, providing customers a durable roof and a sleek, low-profile solar system in one! 

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GenPro Energy

GenPro Energy is an energy service organization, with a global depth of experience in solar and energy efficient technologies. GenPro partners with businesses, municipalities, utilities, state and national  governments on projects that range from energy efficient lighting systems to development of utility-grade solar energy farms. 

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